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Mariola Ridge Vineyard

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     Mariola Ridge is a ridge top planting spanning South, East and West hillsides, with slopes between 10°- 40° degrees. The vineyard benefits from Gold Ridge soils, a windy, cool climate and strong sustainable farming practices. 

     The property was purchased by the Trohan family in the Spring of 2010, launching their dream of vineyard ownership. In 2017, the property was permitted, cleared and planted to 8.5 acres of grapes.

Vineyard Facts

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Gold Ridge soils, perfect for premium grape growing, are well-drained with dark yellowish-brown, granular, fine, sandy loam surface horizon over yellow-brown sub-soils of coarse-grained, weakly consolidated, but massively structured sandy loam.



All on 101-14 rootstock.

Row Space

 6 x 4 row spacing.

Row Orientation

Grapes are all planted 33 degrees East of North to maximize fruit exposure to morning sun on the Southeast side of the canopy.


Trellis System

 5 wire, vertical shoot positioning. Vine training, bilateral cane. 

Our Grapes


Pinot Noir                              

Clone Breakdown:                     

Clone 115 = 0.95 acres                 

Clone 777 = 3.17 acres                   

Clone 943 = 0.85 acres              

Pommard Clone = 0.68 acres        

Total: 5.65 acres



Clone Breakdown:             

Mt. Eden Clone = 0.77 acres             

Clone 96 = 0.88 acres             

Old Wente Clone = 0.76 acres          

Total: 2.41 acres

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